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Privacy Policy



We respect and are very aware of your concerns about online privacy and safety. However, in order to provide you with best shopping experiences on line, we do record a variety of informations when you are visiting our Site. To better protect your privacy, we have listed some explanations about our online information practices, so you would feel safe and secure when shopping on our Site.


Why we collect personal information from you:

1. Personal information such as name, shipping (billing) address, phone number, e-mail address, and your credit card number are collected in order to help you with billing, order processing and to further communicate in details about your order.

2.  Like many other websites, as soon as you are connected to our Site over the internet, our Site server automatically recognizes the internet URL from which you gain access.  We may also log your IP address and date/time of your connection in order to verify your order, and to improve our marketing/promotional strategies. 

3. We use “cookies” to help you speed up your navigating while browsing on the Site, track your Site usage, and to improve your selection and purchasing (using cart check-out) on the Site. You always have an option on your browser not to accept  these cookies to be embedded on your hard drive, however, doing so will hinder you from using some aspects of the Site which are “essential” part of on-line shopping. We can assure you that these cookies have no ways of gathering or transferring any confidential, personal information over the internet. 


How we secure your information:

1. All financial transactions are done through TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. Your credit card number and all financial information will be in “safe-hands.” 

2. Your e-mail cannot be encrypted; therefore, never give out your credit card information via e-mail.

3. Only employees who are providing a specific service to your need will be granted access to your information.

4. We only work with third-party service providers who are reliable and “widely” known for their practice of safe and secure privacy policy. Examples: USPS, Authorize.net are two of the third-party service providers we use.  


We DO NOT disclose your personal, confidential information unless:

1. Third-party service providers: Like other internet shopping websites, we use third-party service providers in order to carry out your order fast and efficiently.  We must give out personal information such as name, shipping address, e-mail address, and telephone number to USPS so that they can deliver your merchandise safely to your doorstep. We also give your credit card number to Authorize.net in order for them to process your credit card payment. As noted earlier, TLS encryption is used when transferring these important financial information in order to safe-protect your confidentials at all times.

2. We will disclose your information when we are required by law to do so, such as court order, or legal investigations. We can also share your information with legal authorities in order to protect our company from fraud or any illegal activities being performed on our Site. 



Your privacy and security is our number one priority when shopping at Glamsociety.com. We are always striving to keep your shopping experience fun and exciting, but also safe and secure. You may always revisit this section and check for more updates regarding our privacy practices as we will keep you posted on latest versions of security measures that are being used to protect you for safe online shopping.